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Jewish District Tour

What you get

Duration: 4 hours
Tour type: walking tour (and public transportation – when it is possible)
Group size: up to 5
What we see: the Jewish District of Budapest, Grand Synagouge, Raul Wallenberg Memorial Garden, Rumbach Synagouge, Gozsdu Courtyard, Ortodox Synagouge, 1 food court, 1 designer shop, street art along the way, last piece of ghetto wall, the Shoes monument

Price: 120 €

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Tour Description

If You would like to dive a littlebit deeper in history this tour is for you. We are going to have a nice walk in the jewish district together. On this tour our main question is, what happened here in Hungary and Budapest during WW I. and WW II. times?

But the tour is much more than history! We see the district’s culture then and now and the beautiful synagogues (from outside).


Customer reviews

“We really enjoyed your tour and you were the best guide we have ever had in 20 years of sightseeing in Europe. Many thanks!”
Rod Laird
Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom
”I wanted to say thank you SO much for the tours! I’ve been told on two separate occasions how good the tours were and that you were great and the boys were really engaged and interested in what you were telling them!
(I know this is no easy task with young boys!!)
So thank you again and well done! They said it really made the trip to Hungary!”
Westminster Cathedral Choir
”Aniko (Annie), a tiny little Hungarian whirlwind, had everyone captivated with her storytelling skills delivered with a very strong sense of humor and perfect timing on punchlines!”